The Plan

Take one trusty but rusty LPG kitted 1994 Range Rover Classic 3.9ltr V8, some odds n sods left over from building a traybacked 110 a pile of used Land Rover parts and an angle grinder and ...... hopefully may a useful pick up truck to haul parts, bikes and the odd bale of hay!



Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Less load space, nicer looking

Could be used to carry bikes with a fold out rack on the tailgate, and still enough space for a round bale of hay!

How to form the cab?

Ive been looking at ways of using available materials to form the cab, heres a photoshopped pic of the cab using the back 1/4 light section from the rear door, ths would give a ready cut glazzed secton behind the B pillar and a framework to form the rear panel above waist height. Once this is formed I will look at the possibility of using the upper tailgate as a hinged rear cab window.

Strip down

First job is to get the interior stripped out, biggest part of the job was to get the LPG tank disconnected and out of the rear load area.

with the tank out, tailgate down and the rear seats folded forward, theres a full 7' of bed. Long enough for 2 bikes. Rear seats will get pulled out next then I can work out where to cut the roof.